Mar 26, 2012

those who are dearest to me

I have :

1. a couple of friends that have known me for almost 2 decades now and still keep in touch.

2. a group of friends that share same interests, have almost same thoughts, who have known me very well. A bunch of people that I would loooovvvee to hang out with every weekends.

3. a group of friends that I really miss and always thinking about them, friends that I would love to know more about them.

4. a group of friends that knows me very well, maybe a bit more than number (2) because we have spent almost 12 hours together, went to breakfast, lunch and/or dinner together, sleep together, all these for 3-4 years in a row, have fights, know the 'signs' when I "merajuk"...just a bunch of friends that know me too well.

5. a group of friends that I really miss very much. Always wonder if only we were closer sooner, maybe we could create a lot & lot of sweet & great memories together. But now, they're so close, but yet so far.

6. a friend that knows me very well too, always have fights with but a very loyal, trustworthy friend. A friend with a lot of advise and always willing to lend you shoulder to cry on.

......and all of them are very very very dearest to me....
Thank you for being such a great individuals.....each & everyone of you.... :)

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