Jul 23, 2010

rasa macam nak sepak je

aku ada sorang kawan ni....
aku pernah cerita dah pasal dia sebelum ni....
yang ambil actuary science kat um nih......
hari tu masa keluar berdating dengan dia & aja, kitorang bagi syarahan kat aja pasal sistem penggredan exam kat um.....(aja adalah budak utp)
kitorang cakap r kalau dapat C ke bawah boleh repair balik subjek tu, untuk baiki gred & pointer.....
pastu keluarlah pulak dialog nih.....

icha : kalau boleh kita nak extend lagi 1 sem, nak repair subjek....

ct-k : kenapa pulak? ko ada subjek yang dapat C ke bawah ke? [sebab setahu aku SETIAP SEM cgpa dia 3.5 ke atas.....kalau bukan setiap sem pun, hampir setiap sem............faham tak apa yang aku terangkan ni?]

icha : tak....

ct-k : habis tu?

icha : kita nak gantikan subjek yang dapat B tu dengan subjek yang lain..... [dengan erti kata lain, subjek lain tu nak dapatkan A]

aku rasa macam nak tumbuk je muka budak blur nih......

ni time dia pergi melbourne bulan mei lepas.....
nyampah tau....
dia tak nak pun sponsor aku pergi sana....


Jul 15, 2010

world cup 2010 quiz

kuiz ni aku dapat dari TheSun (the sun lagi..!) isnin hari tu (12 julai).....ada yang kelakar....terutamanya soalan nombor 11 ngan 12 tuh...haha......

[1] What excuse did Sir Alex Ferguson put forward for Wayne Rooney's poor performance?
        a) He ran out of computer games and was bored
        b) He was drinking too much
        c) Too much was expected of him
        d) He's actually useless
ans : c

[2] After England's miserable showing against Algeria, a fan appeared in the team's dressing room. What did he say he was tryinh to do?
        a) Discuss the 4-4-2 system with Fabio Capello
        b) Ask Emily Heskey for his shirt
        c) Find a toilet
        d) Remonstrate with the team
ans : c

[3] From which country was the assistant referee who disallowed Frank Lampard's goal against Germany?
        a) Germany
        b) Uruguay
        c) Scotland
        d) Azerbaijan
ans : b

[4] Which England player has a namesake in Enid Blyton's The Naughtiest Girl in School?
        a) Ashley Cole
        b) John Terry
        c) Peter Crouch
        d) Jamie Carragher
ans : b

[5] What did Fabio Capello blame for England's early exit?
        a) The long season
        b) The ball
        c) Injuries
        d) All of the above
ans : d

[6] The World Cup ball is called the Jabulani. What does Jabulani mean?
        a) Rejoice
        b) Made of 8 panels
        c) Slippery
        d) Bloddy hell. I can't even hold on to a trundler from Clint Dempsey
ans : a

[7] Who help design it?
        a) The winner of a Blue Peter painting contest
        b) Ray Charles
        c) A team from the University of Droitwich
        d) A team from Loughborough University
ans : d

[8] What did Nicholas Anelka say when French coach Raymond Domenech criticised him at half-time for having drifted out of position during the match against Mexico, which the 1998 champions went on to lose 2-0?
        a) "Yes, boss, we have all criminally underperformed."
        b) "I wish Henry had never cheated against the Irish and we hadn't had to go through this."
        c) "You shouldn't be here, gaffer. Whose loses home and away to Scotland and keeps his job?"
        d) "Go screw yourself, dirty son of a whore."
ans : d

[9] What note does the vuvzela blast out at up to 113 decibels?
        a) B
        b) A
        c) C
        d) Somewhere between B and B flat
ans : d

[10] What profit will FIFA make in this World Cup?
        a) A loss of 100m (pound sterling)
        b) They will break even
        c) (pound sterling) 428,000
        d) (pound sterling) 2bn
-note : arrghh....takde la pulak sign pound sterling kat keybord nih...huhu...-
ans : d

[11] Which veteran striker who now has 62 caps has scored fewer goals for his country than two goalkeepers?
        a) Emily Heskey
        b) Emily Heskey
        c) Emily Heskey
        d) Emily Heskey
ans : a, b, c or d

[12] And which veteran striker who now has 62 caps was brought on with England needing three goals against Germany?
         a) Emily Heskey
         b) Emily Heskey
         c) Emily Heskey
         d) Emily Heskey
ans : a, b, c or d

[13] How many players were squad members at the final plied their trade in the Premier League last season?
        a) 5
        b) 7
        c) 12
        d) 15
ans : b

[14] When traveling at 70mph, according to Manchester University, how much extra fuel do you burn by having 2 England flags strapped to your car?
        a) 1 litre an hour
        b) 1 gallon a day
        c) None
        d) Why would you want to fly the England flag?
ans : a or d

[15]Whose hand did Raymond Domenech refuse to shake as the French bowed out?
        a) Carlos Alberto Torres
        b) Nicholas Anelka
        c) Thierry Henry
        d) Carlos Alberto Parreira
ans : d

[16] Which surprising criterion did Domenech use to select his teams?
        a) Form
        b) Tactical ability
        c) Star signs
        d) What Thierry Henry tells him to do
ans : c

[17] Who was arrested for alleged possession of marijuana after Brazil-Holland quarterfinal?
        a) Lindsay Lohan
        b) Paris Hilton
        c) Cheryl Cole
        d) Dunga
ans : b

[18] Which commentator, pundit or TV personality was most guilty of outrageous behaviour?
        a) Robbie Earle, for passing tickets to a bunch of young blonde women who were part of an "ambush   
        b) Colin Murray, for a bewildering lack of knowledge
        c) James Corden, for a God-awful TV show
        d) Ian Shearer, for stating the bleeding obvious
ans : a

[19] The brothers Jerome and Kevin-Prince Boateng both played at the World Cup, but not for the same side. Who did they play for?
        a) Holland and Nigeria
        b) France and Algeria
        c) Germany and Ghana
        d) Italy and Cameroon
ans : c

[20] The next World Cup Finals will be?
        a) In Brazil
        b) in Argentina
        c) In Russia
ans : a & d (dia state kat sini a & d, tapi mana entah perginya jawapan d tu...)

it's all over.........

"BEAUTY BEATS THE BEAST" (TheSun, july 13) is the best summary to describe the final WC 2010 battle between spain and holland.....
lepas iniesta masukkan gol aku ngan ayus (adik aku) melompat-lompat, terkinja-kinja macam mat kool kat depan tv (pesanan penaja : sila jangan tiru aksi ini di tempat awam).....
punyalah aku hepi.....

ramai football experts yang mengutuk belanda main hari tu....
very dirty and they really don't deserve to win the cup regarding their dirty and rough performance in the final.....
even their football legend johan cryuff also criticized them....
malu je kata the dutch teams from 70's are their heroes, but they played in much much lower level than their predecessors' team......
agak kecewa r sebab expect holland akan main superbly sebagaimana diorang main masa lawan brazil hari tu....
you should have learned how to tackle the spanish side from jose mourinho....not by kung-fu kicking them.....
i would prefer a match between (my favourite team.....hehe...) spain and germany in the final with thomas muller in action.....because i still believe if muller was on the pitch that day, the game would be much tougher for spain....

ok.....aku tak nak bebel banyak-banyak lagi sebab dah macam-macam orang (football experts to be exact) tulis pasal final WC nih......
and i read every single article about spain's triumph in TheSun......memandangkan itu je surat khabar yang ada kat rumah.....hehe.....

aku akan berpurak-purak la kononnya aku pun salah 1 football experts, dan aku pun nak feature kan jugak my top players, top goal, etc. etc. .....hehe.....gedix betul......

MY DREAM TEAM .......chewah...!! (in 4-4-2 formation)

goalkeeper : iker casillas (uih....ini sudah semestinya nih.......hehe...) [manuel neuer]

defenders : phillip lahm ; carles puyol ; gerard pique ; sergio ramos [giovanni van bronckhorst ; joan capdevila ; paolo da silva ; gregory van der wiel]

midfielders : thomas muller ; andres iniesta ; xavi hernandez ; wesley sneijder [sergio busquets ; mesut ozil ; xabi alonso ; bastian schweinsteiger ; honda keisuke - woohh....jepun mari....]

forwards : diego forlan ; david villa [arjen robben ; miroslav klose]

[1] maicon (brazil v north korea) - fuhh....gila ah.....angle dia punya lah payah nak masuk gol.....i still wonder how the ball can get in.....
[2] van bronckhorst (holland v uruguay) - regarded as the best goal of the tournament.....gila....dari jarak macam tu.....dengan halaju yang tinggi macam tu.....perghh.....(ceh....mentang-mentanglah physicist kan.....)
[3] forlan (uruguay v holland) -   :-O
[4] tshabalala (south africa v mexico) - great run!
[5] simao (portugal v north korea) - aku suka teamwork, so aku suka gol hasil dari teamwork yang bagus...
[6] honda (japan v denmark) - gila ah freekick dia..............................
[7] villa (spain v chile) - berbanding dengan solo-run goal dia masa lawan honduras, aku lagi suka gol ni sebab macam kelakar......hehe.....
[8] banyak sangat r gol yang cantik-cantik.....rambang mata aku nak pilih...........huhu.....

urgh......aku nak letak kat sini.....tapi dalam game selalunya saves lagi banyak dari gol.....tanpa video susah nak tunjuk yang mana 1 yang best.....senang tengok sendiri r kat website fifa kat sini.....

as much as i love football, as a girl (cececeh.....), i can't ignore the attractive figures on the pitch....hehe.... gedix lagi sekali.......... :p

[1] kaka (brazil) - sape yang kata dia ni tak attractive memang bute eeh mate nye..... (sila sebut semua "e" tu macam sebut epal)

[2] cesc fabregas (spain) - akhirnya kapten arsenal ni buang jugak jambang dia tu masa final match hari tu....hee....suka...suka..... xD
 ......nasib baik dia tak terkena "badi" iklan nike nih....

[3] fernando muslera (uruguay) - i just catch a glimpse of him masa abah tukar channel, pastu aku cakap kat ayus, "weh, keeper uruguay tu kiut ah...."...walau bagaimanapun (ceehh...) muka beliau ada unsur-unsur ke'gay'an sikit...

[4] rafael van der vaart (netherlands) - muka dia macam robin dalam cerita batman tu....hensem beb....i've noticed him masa wc yang mana 1 entah....2002 or 2006.....

[5] robin van persie (netherlands) - aish.....pemain arsenal ni ramai pulak yang hensem-hensem.....

[6] mesut ozil (germany) - i don't know but there's something attractive about him, maybe because of his tak cukup tidur eyes....? kan lina kan...? kan? kehkehkehkeh........

[7] iker casillas (spain) - i've been a BIG fan of him since WC 2002 kat jepun/korea, masa dia save penalty ian rush (kot nama dia....), pastu ada lah dalam 1-2 penalti yang dia dapat selamatkan masa penalty shoot-out......lepas (my magnificent 7) raul, casillas adalah pemain ke-2 yang menyebabkan aku start sokong real madrid.....hehe......

[8] wesley sneijder (holland) - kenapa entah nampak dia kiut r pulak bila dia bercakap dengan orang yang lagi tinggi dari dia......haha....

these players not only have the looks, but also the foot...kalau ada rupa tapi skill macam jaguh kampung je buat apa..........

[..] no fernando torres, no david villa, dan yang paling penting sekali......NO CRISTIANO RONALDO! HAH! eiiii.....menyampah gila aku kat mamat poyo, perasan, tamak gelaran nih.........ko datang real semata-mata sebab nak kejar title pemain paling mahal.....pastu kata ada niat nak balik manU balik....caitt! blender betul.........


p/s : post ni adalah untuk suka-suka sahaja........jangan muntah depan laptop/PC anda oke........ :p

Jul 8, 2010

spain, germany and peter the sotong......(bukan peter la ngek...paul laaa....peter tu hantu yang jawab soalan tuh...)

semalam jerman kalah main dengan spain dalam separuh akhir cawan dunia (world cup) 2010....
ramai yang kecewa...
aku tengok kat status fesbuk ramai yang nak makan Peter the Sotong sebab dapat predict dengan betul yang spain akan menang.....
kehkehkeh.....frust menonggeng korang.....
tapi lain pulak dengan midfielder jerman bastian schwenstieger (betul tak aku eja ni? jap...nak check dulu.......oh salah la....schweinsteiger.....)...
schwi frust sampai melutut tak bangun-bangun......

ada antara ayat kat bawah ni aku ada post kat fb tapi aku nak post kat sini gak sebab rasa excited gila spain masuk final.....rasa macam malaysia menang world cup la pulak....

[1] the game of passing and possession is such a game of art......only certain people can enjoy it....some may call it boring (ni khas untuk orang-orang yang baru terjebak dalam kancah bola sepak ni la --fuhh...aku guna perkataan "kancah" beb...macam tulis karangan SPM-- dan juga orang-orang yang memaksakan dan dipaksa menonton perlawanan bola sepak ni.....)

[2] even the "old player" can outplay the young playerS (sila perhatikan aku letak S kat belakang tuh....) ....sebelum match ni aku skodeng website FIFA....part yang diorang ulas pasal match ni la....ada sorang penyokong jerman kata "i wonder how old is the puyol guy and how he can catch up with the pace of german's youngsterS"...lebih kurang la dia cakap macam tu......kalau aku kenal mamat tu aku nak tengok apa reaksi dia masa puyol masukkan gol tuh......

[3] tak dinafikan sebelum match jerman nampak lebih meyakinkan untuk menang disebabkan rekod match diorang dengan england dan argentina......tapi masa match berlangsung......they seemed like they don't know how to deal with spain's game of short passes and possession.....it's like they're waiting for the spaniards to make mistake, then only they counter-attack them like they used to play against england and argentina....weh kejap....apesal aku cakap omputeh ni...?
but wooohooo.......the spanish side keep on playing their art of football with confidence....sometimes they did mis-passed (ada ke perkataan ni...?tibai lah....!) and lose the ball but in an instant they managed to get the ball back.....

[4] they should really have scored more goals.....on the remaining minutes before the whistle blows, pedro had a very very very very very big chance in counter-attacking germany.....if only he passed the ball to torres......... -_________________________________________-"" (a BIG "d-oh" there.....)

[5] once again, the playmakers of the spanish side, the ultimate duo andres iniesta and xavi hernandez, showed how incredible they are, dan secara tak langsung membuktikan kenapa barcelona boleh menang sampai berapa banyak trofi last season......from 6 matches that spain had played, both of iniesta and xavi were the man of the match twice (xavi : vs germany & vs portugal ; iniesta : vs paraguay & vs chile)

[6] david villa & iker casillas - two individuals with different positions, playing their roles at the peak of their performance to become the spanish heroes....no need for me to explain further more...

[7] the germans looked tired, maybe mostly because of the way the spanish side played. loaded with a bunch of youngsters, yes, they are a bunch of new fresh talents with determination and not afraid of the opponnets just like joachim low said. but there is a disadvantage, a lack of experience. low realize that and thus maintain some veteran players like miroslav klose and arne friedrich. i don't want to elaborate and explain more about the germans because i don't follow them like i follow spain's progress....hehe.....nanti salah cakap ada yang panas hati lak.....

[8] well now......we will see who will lift the trophy as both sides have never taste the sweet victory of holding the most prestigious cup in the football world....

[9] " it's so S-pain-full for the Germans (orang kuman), huh....?"....hehe.....

CASTROL INDEX - hebat kan pemain-pemain sepanyol nih....heee.... :D

p/s : i don't know why but i feel i can comment more about this thing in english....maybe because of the pendedahan dari mula aku start minat tengok bola ni.....sejak aku form 1.....hehe.....

haaa....hambek ko.....panjang aku membebel pasal bola nih.....
lepas gian aku.....